Does Education Matter?

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Highly topical and controversial examination of the education system. Does Education Matter? PDF EBook

"Education, education, education" has become an obsession for politicians and the public alike. It is seen as an economic panacea: an engine for growth and prosperity. But is there a link between increased spending on higher education and economic growth? Professor Alison Wolf takes a critical look at successive governments' education policy and challenges many of the tenets of received wisdom: there are no economic reasons for spending more on higher education in order to stimulate growth. The conclusion of this devastating book is that a large proportion of the billions poured into vocational training and university provision might be better spent on teaching the basics at primary school. Like this book? Read online this: EDUCATION IN TIMES OF TRANSITION (World Yearbook of Education, 2000), History of Multicultural Education Volume 6, . Teachers and Teacher Education.

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