Dolphin in the Deep (Animal Ark, #22)

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This well- PDFwritten book for young readers raises some serious animal welfare issues on a holiday in Florida. Dolphin in the Deep (Animal Ark, #22) PDF EBookWhen I read this it was written by Lucy Daniels, which I have to take is a pen name as all other details are the same.

Mandy Hope loves dolphins and while in Florida she visits a dolphinarium. The owner just cares about the money visitors pay to watch the dolphin show but Bob and Bing, the stars, are real live animals. Bob becomes ill and gets good vet care but sadly he dies. After that Bing is depressed and lonely.

Rather than forget about it, Mandy wonders if she could return Bing to the open ocean. This would be theft, and would require a lot of help and vehicles, but if it worked Bing would be happy amid his own kind once more.

Some of the tale is sad but it is also inspirational and shows how caring people can work things out between them for the best. Like this book? Read online this: The Geology of the Florida Keys and Everglades, an Illustrated Field Guide to Florida S Hidden Beauty, The Call of the Deep (The Matchless Deep, #1).

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