Dolphin Song (Animal Healer, #2)

PDF EBook by Lauren St. John

EBook Description

I thought this book was really great because it is about a girl named Martine and her family in Africa, her grandmother and her white giraffe. Dolphin Song (Animal Healer, #2) PDF EBook I think that it is really cool that Martine has a giraffe that loves her and she gets to ride on it because it lives in the game preserve next to her house. Martine and her classmates are going on a cruise. She leaves and misses her giraffe. Everything seemed just fine until a storm hit the boat and everyone went overboard. Martine and her friends almost drowned but then a pod of dolphins saved them and brought them to an island. They were stranded on this island and had to improvise on the stuff they needed to survive. They were stranded on this island for over a week. Then Martine went for a swin and saw some cables and swan down to them. There was an explosion and two guys came in on a boat. Martine and Ben hopped inside and they hid in the boat until they got to another island. Eventually some guys caught them and put them on death island and said if they could swim back to the other island(8miles) they would take them to where they lived. You are going to have to read the book to find out if they are saved or if they died trying. Like this book? Read online this: The Island of Solomon Dee (Buccaneers Book 2), The Healer.

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