Down by the Cool of the Pool

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Down by the Cool of the Pool is a story about a frog who asked the animals around him if they could dance. Down by the Cool of the Pool PDF EBook One by one the animals joined in and showed what their special dance more or talent was. Eventually, all of the animals joined in together and danced with each other. Then the animals all fell and messed up their dances. However, they got right back up and danced again.

This book has a wide variety of onomatopoeia. This book uses phrases such as, “duck went flap” or “sheep went stamp”. While reading this book I can picture young children enjoying it because they would be able to make the sounds that are in the book. I think it is always important to have books where children can interact. Therefore, the reader could have the child repeat the sound they heard. I think the onomatopoeia in this book would be a great learning tool for a classroom.

There is also a lot of repetition in this story. On the end of each page Frog asks, “Can you dance like me?” In addition, the phrase, “I can dance too. But not like you.” Is also repeated on almost every page throughout the book. The author also repeats the phrase, “Down by the cool of the pool.” The pool is the main setting of this book so I thought it was interesting that the author kept repeating that phrase.

The illustrations in this book are very bright. The color choices are vibrant and lively. However, these colors still appear to be calming and cheerful. The one page where the pages are not bright is when all of the animals fall down while they are dancing. This page is filled with dark colors. I think the illustrator could have done this to show what the problem in the story was. After the animals got up and began dancing again, the pages continued to be bright and happy.
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