Dr. Kookie, You're Right!

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A collection of Mike Royko's columns is always a treat, and this is no exception. Dr. Kookie, You're Right! PDF EBook He skewers everyone, including himself. The man knew no mercy, and it was wonderful to see him in action. It's also interesting because the columns in this book were written in the 'Eighties. A lot of the stuff he writes about are the very same issues that we're dealing with today. It's almost as if nothing changed. He's such an old school kind of guy, but at the same time, no matter how tough he is, he's also a caring humanitarian. That might not come through in his piece on how he misses the glory days of covering the '68 DNC in Chicago, but it shines through when he talks about specific victims of society. He was one of the greats. We don't have anyone like him these days. (PS: in his day, cell phones didn't have caller ID popping up on a screen. He wanted this so badly so he could ignore people he didn't want to talk to. I think he would have been happy with cell phones today.) Like this book? Read online this: Cell Cell Interactions In Early Development, I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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