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"I feel the weight loss when I'm climbing stairs. Dr. Shapiro's Picture Perfect Weight Loss 30 Day Plan PDF EBook My knees are saying, 'Thank you, thank you.'"
—Lt. Larry Quinn, Jr., New York Fire Department

Dr. Shapiro was appointed Honorary Medical Officer of the New York Fire Department and member of The Honor Legion of the Police Department for helping New York's Bravest and Finest lose a total of 2,544 pounds. Imagine what his 30- PDFDay Plan can do for you!

You saw him on Good Morning America, The View, and 48 Hours. Now you can try Dr. Shapiro's nationally acclaimed weight-control plan for yourself.

Dr. Shapiro's best-selling Picture Perfect Weight Loss opened the eyes of thousands of readers to his unique "look and lose" visual system that revolutionized the idea of dieting. Here, Dr. Shapiro makes his remarkable approach even more effective— by providing a step-by-step 30-day eating plan that can jumpstart your own weight-control program.

In this groundbreaking plan, field-tested by hundreds of Dr. Shapiro's clients, there are no forbidden foods and there is no rigid menu. Each week, Dr. Shapiro targets another meal— including special occasions, celebrations, and eating out— and provides visual cues leading you straight to the healthier choice.

At the heart of Dr. Shapiro's eating plan are 115 new, dramatic food comparisons. Once seen, these demos are never forgotten, so you don't need to memorize numbers or weigh portions. To make things even easier, Dr. Shapiro presents his new Picture-Perfect Weight Loss Food Pyramid for an instant visual guide to better choices. You'll find expert advice and weight-control strategies for kids, teens, and seniors, and you'll even learn what to eat at birthday parties, picnics, and baseball games. Finally, you'll enjoy the "Bite or Burn" comparisons, showing you how many hours of exercise you will need to "burn" off the calories from foods you have chosen to "bite."

Each week, you substitute some new foods for your high-calorie favorites, increase your exercise, and focus on an emotional issue that might be holding you back. You also keep track of feelings and food choices in your food diary, and before you know it, the pounds are falling 0off— and staying off.

To help you on your journey, there are dozens of real-life tips from the New York City Fire and Police Departments and the people in the locked house featured on Good Morning America. You'll find "before" and "after" diaries, a week of menu plans, and even a few recipes.

This book marks the end of deprivation dieting and a lifetime of healthy weight control.
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