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'I wasn’t asking for a past. Dream Weaver (Dream Weaver, #1) PDF EBook Not even a future. Just a few less painful memories to make surviving the present a bit more bearable.' download;

Vampires sparkled through the spotlight; then the zombies shambled through. Now, it's time for a new paranormal. Dream Weaver.

Emari Sweet understands waking up in a cold sweat, heart pounding and screaming in fear. Night terrors plague her after the death of her parents, and she strives for control over the darkness that threatens to swallow her. But a monster lurks in the shadows, and his subtle hints of brutality explode in a violent attack. Emari is plunged back into the depths of fear.

Nickolas Benedetti is a Dream Weaver…an ancient, arcane and almost immortal race descended from the biblical Nephilim with the power to command memories and dreams. Each night, her screams tear another piece of his heart and he plunges heart- PDFfirst into Emari's tormented dreams to save her. But something dark and nefarious has followed him to her little cottage in the woods. His magic can save her from the night terrors, but does he have the power to protect her from the real, living, breathing nightmares that threaten to dismantle her sanity?

Dream Weaver is a young adult (YA) paranormal fiction novel set in the snowy Pacific Northwest.

Do you...Dare to Dream?

Dream Weaver is "well written. A powerful read. Atmospheric and dark." Su Williams "style packs a punch...very powerful imagery."

"...often beautiful and poetic and conveys the dream concept well...simply tears at the heart-strings."

"This is a must read novel for anyone who enjoys reading about suspense, mystery and the dreamworld. Each chapter prompts the reader on, to find what happens next."

"All Ms. Williams characters were wonderfully written, each having their own unique voice. I found Eddyson to be one of my favorite characters, and I hope he stays around for a while. Sorry, you will have to read the novel to find out exactly who he is... no spoiler here."

"If you are into dark science fiction meets YA romance with a little tragic style relationships, this book is for you.
Ms. Williams draws you into a world of the impossible with poetic lyrics that dare you to put her book down." Like this book? Read online this: We Shadows (Night's Dream, #1), A Dream Interpreted within a Dream - Oneiropoiesis and the Prism of Imagination.

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