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By all appearances, twenty- PDFnine-year-old Westley Allan Dodd was the perfect all-American boy — model high school student, camp counselor and U. Driven To Kill PDF EBookS. Navy enlistee. But behind his mask of normalcy lurked a predatory sex fiend with a seventeen-year history of appalling acts of molestation and violence. Children were his victims and the parks of the Pacific Northwest his personal hunting grounds. On September 4, 1989, his unnatural desires had driven him to abduct, torture and kill two young boys in Vancouver, Washington. Undetected despite his record, Dodd killed a third innocent victim only weeks later near Portland, Oregon. But only when he was caught trying to kidnap a child from a local movie theater was he finally taken into custody by police. Confessing to these heinous murders, he was convicted on all three counts and sentenced to death. On January 5, 1993 at 12:05 a.m., Westley Allan Dodd became the first criminal in America in nearly three decades to be executed by hanging. Based on exclusive access to police files and riveting trial testimony, personal interviews with Dodd himself and excerpts from his chilling diary of death, DRIVEN TO KILL dramatically recounts a hideous spree of death and horror that brought every parent's worst nightmare frighteningly to life! Like this book? Read online this: Seller Financing and Real Estate Note Profits in the Dodd-Frank Era, Driven.

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