Dust or Magic

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Will your idea turn into Dust or Magic? It's in your hands! Many creative careers and financial fortunes rest on potentially breakthrough digital media projects - PDF which can end in tears, or turn to magic. Dust or Magic PDF EBook This innovative book examines, in depth, how to create that magic. In Dust or Magic, Bob Hughes delves deep beneath the gloss and the hype surrounding multimedia, to reveal the human beings who make the magic, and to show how it happens. The book draws together a wealth of knowledge and experience, with insights from recent science and older creative industries, and reveals the key to designing accomplished interactive computer-based media. It presents a simple, consistent and convincing paradigm for satisfying and successful creative work, and gives practical advice that will save designers from falling into old traps and re-inventing perfectly good wheels. Dust or Magic is for programmers, writers, artists, animators and interface designers, for the people who teach, lead and hire them, and also for people who simply want to know how human creativity fares in the new, digital age. If you are embarking on an adventure in multimedia, this great new source book will help you achi Like this book? Read online this: The Magic Ballet Shoes (Magic Ballerina, #1), Society of Magic (DOMA: Department of Magic Book 10).

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