Early and Medieval Rituals and Theologies of Baptism

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I'm reading this as background for a Hiberno- PDFLatin treatise on baptism that I am editing. Early and Medieval Rituals and Theologies of Baptism PDF EBookThe early baptismal rites at the Easter vigil are so dramatic, and the preparation for them so thorough.How much we have lost today with our perfunctory, individual performance of an ancient rite!Irish rites were somewhat different—perhaps single immersion, like the Visigoths, no oil (perhaps no access to it), but still full of symbolism. The chapters on New Testament understanding of baptism and the pre-Nicene practices are especially powerful and informative.Author spends a lot of time on when and whether oil was administered, and what such administration meant.An important topic, but after a while, the old eyes glaze over.Excellent end-of-chapter summaries about each Christian group's understanding of the meaning of baptism.The discussions of the baptismal rituals of the Syriac church, one of the oldest Christian church bodies, are poignant to me since this church is being decimated by ISIS in Syria and soon will no longer exist, leaving only its immensely rich collection of digitized books in Minnesota (the originals may already have been destroyed), its liturgies, literature, and traditions—all so important to the early Irish church, which somehow had access to its texts—, and the account in Acts that Paul, on his conversion in Damascus, recovered in a house on a street called Straight, a street that still exists, but also, perhaps, not for much longer. Like this book? Read online this: At the End of Church Street, Power and Patronage in Early Medieval Italy.

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