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The author, who was once the New York District Attorney, recalls a sensational crime (the brutal "Career Girl Murders" of 1963) and pays tribute to his mentors and teachers in the NYDA's office. Echoes of my Soul PDF EBook At the time of the crime the DA was Frank Hogan, famous for his integrity and commitment to seeing justice done. One assistant DA, Mel Glass, suspected,rightly as it turned out, that the wrong man had been charged with the crime. Two detectives had used intimidation and threats to wring a confession from a black man with an IQ of 70, George Whitmore. Glass knew he might endanger his career by speaking up, but brought his suspicions to DA Hogan, who assigned him and detectives to investigate further. A heroin addict and dealer, arrested for a murder he claimed was self- PDFdefense, fingered the true killer, his friend Richard Robles, in exchange for immunity.

The last part of the book covers the trial in detail, prosecuted by assistant DA John Keenan. In the wake of the conviction, the NYDA's office did face considerable embarrassment, and forfeited some of its public trust, especially from the black community (because Whitmore was black and Robles was white), and of course the detectives who had intimidated Whitmore faced shame and scorn. It was refreshing to read about an incorruptible DA who put justice above all. Hogan, Glass, and Keenan were Tanenbaum's heroes and teachers when he was a new ADA, and he shows why very convincingly.

Whitmore was mentioned by the Supreme Court when it issued the requirement for Miranda warnings. Like this book? Read online this: The Riddle Of The Stolen Sand (Third-Grade Detectives #5) (Third-Grade Detectives #5) , Chicken Soul for the Little Soul Collection.

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