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This book covers the basics of microeconomics, welfare economics, macroeconomics, and how the global economy functions. Economics PDF EBook I had to read this for my economics class and enjoyed it initially as a primer for the other four books I am supposed to read for my economics class. That said, this book falls into the category of "must read, so I read it." I got all the data and nomenclature I needed from the book and took copious notes; download; I am not sure I really need anything else from this book. It is a great introduction to the concepts economists are aware of and make use of in their working lives.

What I will say that is negative and utterly disappointing about this book (As I say about any book that has made it past rough draft, first edition, EIGHTH EDITION, etc) is that there are numerous typos and grammatical errors one author should be able to deal with on his or their own. There were a couple of sentences where I couldn't even understand what was meant, even though English is my native tongue and I'm pretty smart and good at figuring out puzzles... That said, there are three authors for this book and I had to read this book for a class. If I were a teacher, I would give this textbook a B- PDF. That doesn't mean I liked it.

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