Educational Psychology (6th Edition)

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Educational Psychology: Developing Learners, 6/e

Jeanne Ellis Ormrod

A Focus on Core Ideas and Helping You Understand and Apply Those Ideas

An even more tightly focused presentation, an even more accessible text An emphasis on identifying, discussing, and summarizing core concepts and principles that matter in classrooms A persistent focus on helping you discover more about yourself as a thinker and learner in Experiencing Firsthand exercises and other features Practical teaching strategies and concrete classroom examples in tables and features including Creating a Productive Classroom Environment, Principles/Assumptions, and Into the Classroom

A Focus on Helping You Truly See and Better Understand Children and Adolescents

Artifacts from a cross- PDFsection of real kids and their classrooms Case studies introducing and closing each chapter, and other vignettes The Interpreting Artifacts and Behaviors feature, providing practice in evaluating student work and applying new knowledge authentically Developmental progressions of four grade levels and their implications for practice in the Developmental Trends table

A Focus on Providing You an Interactive, Multimedia Learning Experience

The Understanding Research and Practicing Teaching Skills lab manual CD packaged with and integrated into the text provides exercises that build core teaching skills, as well as exerciseto help you critique and value research Merrill’s Teacher Preparation Classroom Website is integrated into the text and will help you tie core concepts to real students and teachers in real classrooms The Ormrod Teacher prep Course at http://www. Educational Psychology (6th Edition) PDF provides chapter pretests and posttests supported by study material to help you make sure you understand course content; download; homework and exercises help you apply chapter content and practice building teaching skills

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