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There are many things I like a great deal about vol. Eerie Queerie!, Volume 3 (Eerie Queerie!, #3) PDF EBook 3 but I also have some major problems. Yet I keep rereading it, so make your judgment from that. *g*

* The big one is Mikuni. The man is an abuser, using his power and position to help him take advantage of all the boys who pass his way, yet it's played for laughs. Mitsuo is clueless about him, as he's clueless about many people, but... Mitsuo interrupted him in the middle of a sexual assault on Hasunuma in vol. 2. Mitsuo doesn't get why Hasunuma's so upset at times with Mikuni? C'mon. Mikuni was also preventing Hasunuma from returning to his own body, and I don't know if Hasunuma told Mitsuo that. He might not have, since Mitsuo is so enraptured by the safety from molestation by spirits that Mikuni's Shinto shrine offers. (I know that Mikuni helped save Hasunuma's life. Doesn't give him the right to toy with Hasunuma's spirit, enslave him, and try to make him pay for that salvation in trade.)

Kanau's slavery by Mikuni is also played for laughs, which bothers me. Yes, Kanau tried to kill Mitsuo in vol. 2, which ended in Hasunuma being seriously wounded instead, but he made up for it somewhat and was learning better. But now he's Mikuni's slave/doll, cooking, cleaning, and being forced into ridiculous costumes like the French maid outfit with the kitty tail and pain- PDFinducing kitty ears or the ruffly nightgown with teddy bear ears and paws. The outfits are cute, but I feel bad about it. Yet Mitsuo can't understand why Kanau would bear Mikuni ill will? Kanau can't move on no matter how hard he tries. Gee, I can't help thinking that Mikuni's behind that.

Then there are the moves Mikuni has put on Mitsuo, always when he's vulnerable.

Mikuni also plays with Itsuki's body and Shino's head. For fun. I'm uncomfortable with it.

I'm hoping this is resolved in a way I can deal with in vol. 4, the final volume.

* Why did Mikuni become a baby? What is up with the brothers and the mask? The retrieval of the mask especially confused me. Some parts of the plot whizzed right over my head, and I don't know if it's from me being dense or actual plot problems.

* The assault in "Lucky Boys at Dawn II" was handled weirdly for my tastes.

* In vol. 1, the ghosts and possessions were the freaky element in what otherwise seemed like a regular world. Now, it seems like 85% of the people in this title are gay, and the majority of them are trying to jump Mitsuo's ass. And what was up with Shino manifesting darkness and his own weather conditions?

* Ichi doesn't get much facetime, and what he does get mainly has him being humiliated. I worry about him for the final volume.

* Vol. 2 ended on the cliffhanger of Mitsuo seeming to be possessed. In vol. 3 we're told that it was just his jealous side, which can apparently kick ass. Huh?

* Some of the other relationships were interesting, and I like Itsuki and Shino, but the main characters were shoved deeply into the margins to make room for a huge cast of newbies.

* There are a lot of characters in this volume—something that borders into the dislikes category—but they all look distinct.

* Even though I had no idea why Mikuni became a baby, a lot of the segment of the boys dealing with him as such slew me, particularly when everybody in school immediately decides that it must be Mitsuo and Hasunuma's son. The baby outfits are adorable, and baby Mikuni karate-chopping Mitsuo's head as he thinks that he's never appreciated what parents do before was especially fun.

* I may not like the reasons for it, but I can't help enjoying Kanau in his little outfits, especially the kitty maid one. It's so wrong.

* Despite the student body president gone horribly wrong, somewhat over the top insanity, and Ichi being pranked at the end, I enjoyed the Valentine's Day story, "Sweet Festival." It was good that Hasunuma in drag was drawn to look like a pretty woman yet still has his male dimensions, though mildly camoflaugued by the coat. I would have enjoyed "Stray Cats" more if so much of it hadn't involved Mikuni's worst behavior being on display and condoned, but for some reason I like Itsuki, and Shino amuses me. "Lucky Boys at Dawn" would have been better if I could follow the plot with the mask and the weird brothers better.

* Itsuki compliments Kanau on his cooking!

* Ichiro can be too much and pathetic, but he has his moments. "It's been 1,150,371 seconds since we were last together! Hello, 8,722 grams of Mikuni."

* Niro makes it canon that Mitsuo has a kind of duckling quality.

* For a "funny" series, there's a lot of sadness and darkness in here, and I like that. The story in vol 2. behind Kanau's suicide—though when the moment came it looked more like murder—broke my heart and explains a lot of his bad behavior. In vol. 3, Itsuki's family life is a horrible thing. Considering the channeling session we saw here and the casual way Itsuki talks about it since he's been channeling for ten years.... Then you have Itsuki finally giving Shino a chance because Shino's looking at him the way his mother looked at him while he was channeling his dead father.... ::shudder:: Ichi had his tragedy explained in vol. 1, though at least he's happier now, if confused. (I wonder what Hasunuma's story is. We don't know much about him, really.)

* I usually dislike the authorial asides in manga, but Shuri Shiozu's add to the proceedings and crack me up. Like this book? Read online this: Strong Family, Strong Child, The Eerie Adventures Of The Lycanthrope Robinson Crusoe.

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