Effective Perl Programming

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The Classic Guide to Solving Real- PDFWorld Problems with Perl—Now Fully Updated for Today's Best Idioms! For years, experienced programmers have relied on "Effective Perl Programming "to discover better ways to solve problems with Perl. Effective Perl Programming PDF EBook Now, in this long-awaited second edition, three renowned Perl programmers bring together today's best idioms, techniques, and examples: everything you need to write more powerful, fluent, expressive, and succinct code with Perl. Nearly twice the size of the first edition, "Effective Perl Programming, Second Edition, "offers everything from rules of thumb to avoid common pitfalls to the latest wisdom for using Perl modules. You won't just learn the right ways to use Perl: You'll learn why these approaches work so well. New coverage in this edition includes Reorganized and expanded material spanning twelve years of Perl evolutionEight new chapters on CPAN, databases, distributions, files and filehandles, production Perl, testing, Unicode, and warningsUpdates for Perl 5.12, the latest version of PerlSystematically updated examples reflecting today's best idioms You'll learn how to work with strings, numbers, lists, arrays, strictures, namespaces, regular expressions, subroutines, references, distributions, inline code, warnings, Perl:: Tidy, data munging, Perl one-liners, and a whole lot more. Every technique is organized in the same Items format that helped make the first edition so convenient and popular. Like this book? Read online this: The Perl CD Bookshelf, Perl.

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