Elements of the Real in Man (Diamond Heart, #1)

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The Diamond Method came highly recommended by both a friend and by The Christine Center in central WI—a place I deeply respect. Elements of the Real in Man (Diamond Heart, #1) PDF EBookWithout these endorsements, I doubt I ever would have picked up anything by Almaas.I'm skeptical of spiritual teachers who talk in perpetual, sweeping generalities, who talk AT their students rather than engaging them in conversations, and who speak from a place of ultimate authority rather than curiosity.I guess I know too much about effective teaching.

But when I listened beyond these qualities, I found a lot to admire in Almaas's words. I need to learn more about the origin and technique of the Diamond Method before I can speak to it with any authority, but it seems to me to be a practical method of supporting spiritual growth using both psychological insights and Sufi tradition.The framework is fresh, feels true to my experience, and so it's giving me a lot of food for thought.I plan to spend the next week journaling in response to passages I've underlined.

So in the beginning there is no faith, then there is faith, and at the end there is no faith.Faith is the intermediate state, the transition between belief and knowing.
—A.H.Almaas, Diamond Heart, 54
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