Elm Creek Quilts

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On a quest to find quilting patterns and instructions, I checked four books out of the library including this one and "Return to Elm Creek. Elm Creek Quilts PDF EBook" They are basically pattern books for some really pretty quilts. When I got home and started looking more closely, I realized that the quilts are based on a series of novels, the Elm Creek Quilts novels. The patterns and photos are great, the excerpts from the novels sound god- PDFawful. The quilt I chose to make a simpler version of is Vinnie's Double Pinwheel. The quote for that one was about an old lady declaring that her favorite memory was her surprise birthday party. Then her friend (whose eyes "glint with merriment") says that's what she said last year.

This is what happens to humor when you are too afraid of hurting someone's feelings, people! Like this book? Read online this: Make Room for Quilts, Transparency Quilts.

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