Emily Post's Wedding Planner for Moms

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Countless mothers of brides and grooms have asked Peggy Post for a wedding planner just for them. Emily Post's Wedding Planner for Moms PDF EBook Here it is! Whether you're helping a little or a lot, or—like most moms—are serving as combination coach, diplomat, and troubleshooter, this planner is packed with useful ideas, including:

Planning lists especially for moms
Questions to ask before hiring wedding professionals
Times when a mother's tactful advice is most helpful
A Resources section with worksheets for keeping track of guests, gifts, budget, and more
An Address Book you'll refer to again and again
Peggy Post will help you navigate finances, guest list, ceremony, and reception details; download; interact with your daughter's or son's future in- PDFlaws; and plan your role (including your outfit!) while making memories to last a lifetime. Like this book? Read online this: The Bride and Grooms Fun Guide to Planning a Wedding, The 10 Week Wedding Planner.

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