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Jeff Long's fictional recreation of Sam Houston's battle with Santa Ana is one of the most moving books I've ever read. Empire of Bones PDF EBookBased firmly on the history of Texas's battle for independence from Mexico and the men who lead that battle, it's a doorway onto a world left far behind us:fertile, mostly empty, with gigantic pockets of shadowed quiet rarely found today, most of America was truly a frontier then, mostly without the noise and bustle of big cities or even small towns.The men that went to battle General Santa Ana at the Rio San Jacinto were a motley crew, trappers and would- PDFbe settlers and men who had gone west because there was no real niche for them in the East.They were determined men who, however, were in the main civilians, not trained for war.They went up against superbly trained and equipped Mexican soldiers with Santa Ana, and won easily only because Sam Houston had managed to lure Santa Ana into a trap with only a relatively small advance guard of his soldiers, and sprang the trap during the siesta hour, when none of the soldiers with Santa Ana, nor the Generalissimo himself, had the slightest inkling that they were being stalked by a Texian band of fighters, nor were at all prepared to do any fighting themselves.It was a slaughter.In the end, Santa Ana, most of the soldiers with him dead at the hands of the Texian army under Houston, was sent home in a barrel after deeding Texas to Sam Houston in exchange for his life (as Houston, out of action because his ankle had been shattered by gunfire during the battle, told his men:"You want blood — I want Texas.Here, General, sign this and you can keep your life.").What impressed me about Long's treatment of that battle and, indeed, the entire novel was the suggestion of *quietude*, the silences and times devoid of any human sounds throughout so much of Texas save the small towns and settlements scattered here and there, and during battles.Solitude was to be had by a short walk almost anywhere.Natural sound was overwhelming, defining the world in a very different way than that by today's mall Muzak, rock concerts, street noise, overhead jet traffic, and all the rest of what we mean by "the modern world."This was a world close to humanity's roots in the early Neolithic, ten thousand years ago, without even a hint of the urban crowding and saturation of almost every corner of the world with human populations and their machines.A world worth getting to know.Long is a master at capturing worlds beyond our ken and presenting them to us — real worlds, worlds our ancestors lived in, as well as fictional ones. Like this book? Read online this: The World is Larger Than the Small Human Stories Book 2, Sea Bones.

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