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If you appreciate Southern fiction with a Gothic twist, check out Eula Shook. Eula Shook PDF EBook I love this story! Spot on voice and laugh out loud lines. I am now officially a Grant Jerkins fan. —Michael Morris, Author of Slow Way Home and Man in the Blue Moon

Eula Shook is for adults only, and those who appreciate a good Southern Gothic. What a writer! He had me hanging on each and every word. What a story! —Kathy L. Murphy, The Pulpwood Queens Book Club

Jerkins’s stories have been compared to Hitchcock movies because they take ordinary people into the dark, criminal edges." —Minneapolis Star Tribune

Grant Jerkins's stylish prose and rich characters set him apart. —NYT bestselling author Ridley Pearson

You have to admire the purity of Jerkins's writing: He's determined to peer into the darkness and tell us exactly what he sees.
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