Ex-KOP (Juno Mozambe Mystery #2)

PDF EBook by Warren Hammond

EBook Description

In this hardboiled science fiction thriller, Juno, having been booted off the police force, is barely getting by as a low- PDFlevel bagman and photographer for the scandal rags. Ex-KOP (Juno Mozambe Mystery #2) PDF EBook But it gets worse: his wife is in critical condition at the hospital and Juno doesn’t have the money to pay her bills. Desperate for cash, Juno agrees to help his ex-partner, Maggie Orzo, solve a difficult case. A young girl sits on death row, accused of brutally murdering her own parents. She’s confessed to the murders, but Maggie isn’t buying it, so she sends Juno out to get some answers.

Working with Maggie, Juno comes into contact with her new partner, Ian. As dirty as they come, Ian is eager to rise in the police force no matter what the cost. Somehow Ian, a vicious serial killer, and the girl on death row are all connected. It is up to Juno and Maggie to find out how before more people die. Like this book? Read online this: Shaggy Maggie (Shaggy Maggie Band #1), Mary Anne and the Zoo Mystery (Baby-Sitters Club Mystery, #20).

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