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Say goodbye to the stuffy textbook style as you explore this refreshing change of learning presented by John Hudson Tiner. Exploring Planet Earth PDF EBookLooking back at my own schooling experience, I remember enjoying the information gleaned from learning, but I also remember getting burnt out with long modules featuring page after page of tiny typed text and strings of questions that, frankly, made my head ache.This book is sectioned off into easily manageable chapters (averaging about three to six pages of a little larger than average print size) followed by an equally manageable list of about eight to ten mostly fill- PDFin-the-blank questions.Let your child enjoy large pictures of the explorers, detailed maps of the areas being taught, and extra fun facts in addition to the main text.In addition to these advantages, this book is packed with fascinating historical accounts and details which, even I, as an adult had failed to hear of.

The writer “zooms up” if you will, on the individual lives of explorers, giving concise overviews of whole lifetimes from the lives of ancient Greeks to more modern- day people.Tiner seamlessly links biblical worldview in the teaching of history and science.Along the way, he gives the references to Scripture passages that tie into the historical lessons that he is teaching.

I found it interesting to read about the many Christian scientists he touches on (such as Galileo, Newton, and Boyle) that were tremendously blessed in their scientific efforts and made great headway in the history of science.These men and others were passionate about exploring God’s creation so as to bring glory to their Maker.As in the words of Wernher von Braun, a German-American engineer:

“Through a closer look at creation, we ought to gain a knowledge of the Creator, and a greater sense of Man’s responsibilities to God will come into focus.”

While going through this textbook, I honestly kept looking for a thing or two that I didn't like about it so as to give it a fair but honest trial.About three-fourths of the way through, I finally gave up and gave in to the thrilling fact that, in my opinion, this schoolbook is “too good to be true.”Without a doubt, a breath of fresh air.

*Thanks to Master Books for sending me a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Like this book? Read online this: Creation in Scripture, Science, and Society, Planet Earth.

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