Fae High Summer Hunt

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One driving need, two passionate fae, the loving can only be magical. Fae High Summer Hunt PDF EBook

Banished by Titania, Queen of the Fairies, sensual and wilful, Naeme longs to bask in the heat only a lover with fae blood can generate. With the High Summer Hunt about to begin, all she has to do is capture the interest of a member of the royal guard to re- PDFenter the queen’s gilded, decadent court.

Baylor intends to claim Naeme. But he is the captain of the queen’s guard and the last man she would take to her bed. Titania is a jealous sovereign and given the reason for Naeme's exile, he knows he has a battle on his hands in order to coax Naeme to his arms.

But the forbidden is so tempting, and there is nothing like making love after war.

Reader Advisory: This book contains brief scenes of M/M and F/F. Like this book? Read online this: Winter King, Summer Queen [With CD], Weird Tales 309-11 (Summer 1994-Summer 1996).

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