Falling (Bad Angels, #1)

PDF EBook by Belinda McBride

EBook Description

Just what exactly happens when an angel goes bad?

Stripped of his voice, his memories, and his divinity, Rion Hunter falls to Earth in a fiery blaze. Falling (Bad Angels, #1) PDF EBook After crashing into a muddy sheep pasture in Scotland, the disgraced angel finds himself face- PDFto-face with an unlikely rescuer: a sidhe-born farmer named Rex.

Rex finds himself rapidly falling for the beautiful angel, which can be risky when the object of your affection just might be psychotic. And if that isn’t enough, the men find that they’ve come to the attention of a ravenous succubus, who has developed an appetite for Scottish farmers.

Falling isn’t so bad… it’s the landing that hurts. Like this book? Read online this: Fallen Angel (The Angel of 13th Street, #2), Falling Hard (Falling Fast, #2).

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