Falling for Trouble

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To the outsiders, Roxy Thorne is the kind of girl that should hardly complain. Falling for Trouble PDF EBook She seems to have it all but of course Roxy thinks otherwise. Her life isn’t as perfect under her roof as everyone makes it out to be and when she meets Kai Carmona – better known as Slim – she believes that her life can’t get any more twisted.
Kai carries weight that he knows Roxy can’t handle. Since he was only sixteen, he’s been chased by someone that is only after him and his family’s blood. Wanting to ignore Roxy, Kai finds out that it’s nearly impossible. She’s someone that he begins to need in a way that is completely unique to him.
Bringing Roxy into his life is dangerous for them both and being around Kai may actually get her killed. From the start she knows that Kai is nothing but trouble and even though she’s witnessed the demons at his door that have attempted to kill him, she will do almost anything just to be by his side.

** Due to strong violence, harsh language, and even some gun violence, Falling for Trouble will be categorized in the New Adult genre and recommended for ages 18+. Some topics of the book are not light. There are heavy matters and if you aren't the type that enjoy intense violence, mild abuse, or anything that deals with narcotics, this book may not be suitable for you.** Like this book? Read online this: Family Violence, The Trouble with Sailors (The Trouble Series, book 11).

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