Falling From Disgrace

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Four years ago Adrianna was on top of the world. Falling From Disgrace PDF EBook A bright girl who was going to be a pediatrician, she was ready to start med school with her best friend, Rachel. Closer than sisters, Adrianna and Rachel had opportunities others only dreamed about…until….

One night, one horrific accident and a one way trip to misery. Thank God for painkillers…only problem is all they do is postpone the inevitable.

Jack was easygoing and happy with his life. He had his job. He had his new car. Content, that’s what he was…until…

He meets her and he realizes there is more to life than the ordinary. He wants Adrianna. He wants to find out what she is hiding, make her see that she is worth loving, and bring the strength inside of her to the surface. But what will it cost him? What toll with their relationship take on the both of them?

There is no drug that will cure what ails them…only time, patience, trust, and love. Like this book? Read online this: Rachel's Secret (The Rachel Trilogy #1), Disgrace (Flawed #1).

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