Fatal Family Affair

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California/Oregon Border - PDF 2012. Fatal Family Affair PDF EBook Chris MacCallum didn't know that his wife Tricia was into the bondage lifestyle. Even though Tricia had a secret boyfriend, Jeremiah, and was the submissive to his dominance in the relationship, she ruled the roost at home. And in the autumn of 2012, Tricia wanted Chris dead and gone. The one thing she still wanted from him, however, was the money from his life insurance policy. One day before Chris's thirty-fifth birthday, Tricia lured Chris out into the woods on a camping trip. He never made it home alive. And the big question for police would be - who actually killed Chris? Was it Tricia, or Jeremiah or even Tricia's stepsister Amber? All of the questions would be answered in a trial that rocked the small city of Yreka, California. Like this book? Read online this: Chris Ofili, A Family Affair (Cassandra Palmer, #4.1).

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