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So begins Army interrogator Tony Lagouranis's first briefing at Abu Ghraib. Fear Up Harsh PDF EBook When the U.S. went to war with Iraq, Lagouranis- PDFwho joined the Army prior to September 11-was tapped to be an interrogator in places like Abu Ghraib and Fallujah. He believed in his mission, but he soon discovered that pushing the legal limits of interrogation was encouraged. Under orders, he-along with numerous other soldiers-abused and terrorized hundreds of prisoners by adding "enhancements" to "Fear Up Harsh," an official tactic designed to terrify prisoners into revealing information.

This is an unflinching first-hand account of how one man struggled with his own conscience and ultimately broke the silence surrounding interrogation practices. The first Army interrogator to step forward and publicly denounce these tactics, Lagouranis reveals what went on in Iraqi prisons-raising crucial questions about American conduct abroad. Like this book? Read online this: Account of the Battle of Chickamauga from "The Army of the Cumberland", Imperial Dreams/Harsh Realities.

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