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Nicely done. Feast Of Bones PDF EBook The author's extensive knowledge of Russian culture and the Soviet government and its military really shine, making the institutional setting almost a character in itself. I think it does compare favorably to Tom Clancy's work, as one reviewer was quoted as saying in a cover blurb.

The only thing I found lacking was any real suspense about whether the protagonist in particular and he soldiers he led would succeed in any mission they got - PDF they ran into problems and lost people, but the protagonist always came up with ingenious solutions effortlessly and almost instantaneously. As a retired Marine and former company commander, I can say I never knew anyone quite that good, and I served with some superb leaders. But in this story, it never felt as if their success was teetering in the balance.

I wish the author had spent more time exploring his protagonist's personality, too. Other than his amazing expertise, he was kind of a cypher. Hints of what was going on within him at several points, but he was basically a Soviet paratrooper Energizer bunny.

This author's first book, Dragons at War (a factual account of his unit's training time at the U.S. Army's National Training Center at Ft. Irwin, CA) was excellent, and I wish he would write more fiction. Like this book? Read online this: Do You Have the Aptitude & Personality to Be a Popular Author?, Feast.

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