Fern (Blood Vine, #2)

PDF EBook by Amy Richie

EBook Description

"It's strange how fast life changes. Fern (Blood Vine, #2) PDF EBook Just when you think you have it all figured out, a council man hands you six werewolves to take care of."

Willow and her pack had barely settled into their new town when the council showed up again. Only this time its to ask for their help—to save Gage. How can Willow refuse?

Suddenly, Willow is thrust into a world of childhood nightmares. The Ancient City. But it isn't at all what she thought it would be. In fact, Willow soon realizes that not many things are what she thought they would be and she has to figure out for herself which things are worth fighting for. Like this book? Read online this: Third Willow, Fern Gully.

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