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Fibromyalgia: A Comprehensive Approach is the first thorough, user- PDFfriendly resource that outlines the causes, symptoms, and a full range of treatments for a condition that affects 10 to 12 million Americans. Fibromyalgia PDF EBook Since fibromyalgia (FM) mimics other illnesses, many people who experience chronic pain and fatigue don't know that they have FM or think they have something else.

Ms. Williamson has gathered information from top medical specialists, research studies, and practical advice form FM sufferers who share their strategies for working around FM's disabling symptoms. You will discover:

* How to find the right doctor
* Which pain medicines and nondrug therapies work best
* The role deep sleep deprivation plays in FM and what you can do to remedy sleep disturbance
* How exercise and nutrition affect FM symptoms
* Massage, meditation, and relaxation techniques that help
* What to watch for in detecting and treating FM in children

Anyone who suffers from FM— and the more than 15 similar or related illnesses— knows that the pain is not "all in your head." The symptoms are real, and although there is no cure for FM, this book offers realistic, effective ways to live a full life despite FM.
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