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Working by numbers vs working by character. Fighting Power PDF EBook That would be the short version of this book on the difference between the US Army in WWII vs the German Army.
This was the first book on military history that I read in which not a shot is fired! In this book you'll find no description of battles, operations or campaigns, it is all about the methods by which these two armies have recruited their soldiers, determined their abilities, trained them, led them, fed them, rewarded them, treated them when wounded.
There is a significant difference between the German Army going for quality, leadership, comradeship, forging a bond between soldiers in a unit and giving the commanders freedom in the way they execute their missions ('auftragstactiek')on the one hand and the American Army using mass. Mass in firepower, mass in numbers, masses of statistics, treating their soldiers like well produced pieces of interchangeable equipment with little thought for the individual qualities of the soldier. This caused a lot of human wastage in units and has (according to Van Creveld) lengthened the war somewhat.
In the German Army it forged a bond between soldiers that held even against the onslaught of 1943 - PDF 1945 on the Eastern Front and later in the West, where German kept on fighting beyond all hope of winning the war or even winning a reasonable peace. But that fighting quality came at a price and Van Creveld mentions that price explicitly. For the German soldier it didn't matter for what cause he fought, it made formidable soldiers without much of a conscience.

The book is highly recommend for students of military history, but also for any modern manager who has more trust in the statistical data on his employees than in the quality, character and mission oriented freedom of work in his employees. Like this book? Read online this: The Army of the German Empire 1870-88, Fighting.

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