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In his commentary of the celebration of sadistic murder, Final Truth: The Autobiography of a Serial Killer, Colin Wilson refers to the first particularly gruesome passage involving the death of an innocent girl as one which “may well be the point at which most readers will stop reading Final Truth. Final Truth PDF EBookThat was certainly my own reaction the first time I read the book.”

Score one more person for that side.

Final Truth is the quasi- PDFautobiography of Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins, a lifelong criminal who left a trail of countless bodies buried and/or submerged all along the eastern U.S. Coastline.“Co-author” Wilton Earle claims to be recreating the words of Gaskins, who was on Death Row during the formulation of the book, by sneaking cassette tapes out of the prison where he was interviewing Gaskins.In fact, Earle goes so far as to write the book with Gaskins himself as narrator, along with his particular idiolect.Gaskins is seemingly obsessed with excremental argot, along with vile descriptions of sexual acts, and comparisons usually involve some manner of bodily function alongside foodstuff.

But then, it can be argued that the life of a serial killer cannot be considered “pretty.”This book truly is not.However – the catch comes toward the end, when Earle himself writes: “I made no attempt to corroborate everything Gaskins told me – it being generally accepted that all autobiographical narration, by persons great or small, famous or infamous, is inherently biased and therefore subject to close scrutiny and a measure of skepticism.” The “co-author” did not verify a hefty portion of this graphic, stomach-turning material.Essentially, he was Gaskins' mouthpiece from outside Death Row.This does not seem so bad – until one realizes that this book is not so much an autobiography as it is a cold and calculating depiction of some of the most horrific acts perpetrated against other human beings.Rapes (both hetero- and homosexual, of adults and children alike), brutalization (including blatant descriptions of the wounds made as the story is being told), and prologued, slow, painful murders...

That's not “autobiography.” That's base perversion, with prurient appeal to the lowest common denominator.It's unnecessary, gratuitous, and something which the “co-author” alleges almost sent him into psychiatric despair.

And Gaskins talks a lot of machismo.He's The Strongest Man There Is, etc. How much of what he allegedly says in this book is dubious, let alone whether or not the words themselves are truthful.Every night, it seems, the man would steal a car, marry another woman (I lost count after four or five concurrent wives in various states), set fire to a house/barn/warehouse, murder a woman/child/convict, run away from prison or a holding cell, etc.Gaskins' story reads like a fucked-up version of Forrest Gump, complete with awkward parlance.He “knowed” tone thing or another, or the “onliest” this-or-that, or that the age of 42 was his “killingest year.”

Who talks like that?Really?

The impenetrability of the foul material aside, the writing style is itself is obvious and forced.It's painful to traipse through such deliberately mangled verbiage typed by an apparently educated man (Earle).

There is no redeeming value to Final Truths.It's snuff, plain and simple.Exploitative, over-the-top, and without merit of any kind.Gaskins never comes across as a sympathetic person of any sort, despite himself, not only because of his horrifying crimes, but because of his own portrayal of himself as a child rapist, murderer, repeat offender with no hope of rehabilitation.

In Final Truth, the greatest anti-hero turns out to be the electric chair. Like this book? Read online this: Final Acts, The Sword of Truth Boxed Set II (Sword of Truth, #4-6).

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