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I L. Fine Old High Priests PDF EBookO.V.E.D this book!It wasn't the writing or the setting or the character development. It was the love that Marcus had for his friend, Sam, that began when Sam was a friend first.A beautiful story about two men who grow up together (not as children but asmarried adults) and ultimately one has to say goodbye to the other first.

Some really wonderful lines.

pg. 43 "Thank you for dancing with Jenny first." (not going to explain, you will have to read it.)

pg. 48 "We store up too many good- PDFbyes and I love yous and don't say them until it is too late."

pg. 55 "Because Mormons are generally good people and because we have been taught that blessings follow goodness as the night follows the day, we sometimes think that we should be blessed with things and stuff, big homes, nice cars and good jobs, fancy clothing, and investments that return interest in double or triple digits. When we think that way, we do not see the Lord at work, I believe. He blesses us in ways that are far more subtle and far more profound than we could probably ever imagine on our own, and He does it on His timetable, not ours. Getting ahead has an earthly meaning, and getting ahead can have an eternal meaning, which I think we call progress. And I'd rather progress than get ahead, and I am glad the Lord is sublime because it gives me much to ponder.

pg. 61 "[When children first come to you] you think you are on a long road and that it will never end and that they will always be with you...You find the road does have an end. You come to a canyon, and you must stop and let out one of your family members, and then you drive ahead, and never again does the road seem so straight and long, and you worry always about when the next canyon appears. And it breaks your heart."

pg. 69 "...Until I became a father I had not known what it is to be whole."

pg. 87 "...In that moment a life has changed. A man who was wayward and hard and harsh becomes a spiritual man because his bishop asks him if he loves his boy."

pg. 140 "Roads have an end, but journeys do not, and I know I am on a journey, as we all are." Like this book? Read online this: Veering Straight Ahead, Married Priests & the Reforming Papacy.

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