Fireside Book of Christmas Stories

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1) The Birth of Jesus Christ; download; Saint Matthew
2) And It Came to Pass. Fireside Book of Christmas Stories PDF EBook..; Saint Luke
3) Even Unto Bethlehem; van Dyke, Henry
4) The Other Wise Man; van Dyke, Henry
5) The Man at the Gate of the World; Cule, W.E.
6) The Husband of Mary; Hart, Elizabeth
7) Strange Story of a Traveler to Bethlehem; Evans, John
8) The Little Hunchback Zia; Burnett, Frances Hodgson
9) The Second Christmas; Foraandh, F.K.
10) How Come Christmas?; Bradford, Roark
11) A Visit from St. Nicholas; Moore, Clement C.
12) The True Story of Santy Claus; Macy, John
13) When Father Christmas Was Young; Dawson, Coningsby
14) The Realm of Midnight; Allen, James Lane
15) A Marchpane for Christmas; Bates, Katharine Lee
16) The First Christmas Tree; van Dyke, Henry
17) Santa Claus: A Psychograph; Bradford, Gamaliel
18) Christmas with Sir Roger; Addison, Joseph
19) Christmas Papers; Irving, Washington
20) A Christmas Carol; Dickens, Charles
21) Christmas at Dingley Dell; Dickens, Charles
22) Christmas Storms and Sunshine; Gaskell, Mrs.
23) Christmas; Smith, Alexander
24) The Almond Tree; de la Mare, Walter
25) The Prescription; Bowen, Marjorie
26) The White Road; Bozman, E.F.
27) Oh, What a Horrid Tale!; P.S.
28) A Christmas Gift; Powys, T.F.
29) Happy Christmas; du Maurier, Daphne
30) Christmas at Orchard House; Alcott, Louisa May
31)The Birds' Christmas Carol; Wiggin, Kate Douglas
32) The Mysterious Chest; Pyle, Howard
33) My First Christmas Tree; Garland, Hamlin
34) To Springvale for Christmas; Gale, Zona
35) "I Gotta Idee!"; Singmaster, Elsie
36) Christmas in our Town; Carrick, Alice Van Leer
37) A Plantation Christmas; Rutledge, Archibald
38) Snow for Christmas; Starrett, Vincent
39) One Christmas Eve; Hughes, Langston
40) The Pasteboard Star; Carpenter, Margaret
41) The Little Guest; Bianco, Margery Williams
42) The Worst Christmas Story; Morley, Christopher
43) Merry Christmas; Falstaff, Jake
44) God Rest You, Merry Gentlemen; Adams, Bill Like this book? Read online this: Twelve Days Of Christmas (Cotillion Christmas Traditions, #1), Christmas in Venice (Christmas Around the World Series Book 4).

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