Flight of the Seventh Moon

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As with the first book in the series (Medicine Woman), I was fascinated and completely absorbed. Flight of the Seventh Moon PDF EBookMainly because it is supposed to be true while being totally impossible by the mainstream world view.If it turned out to be false, I'd be very disappointed and it would lose a lot of its power and value.Whereas Medicine Woman was about stealing a "marriage basket," this second book is about creating protection by making medicine shields, to strengthen her new powers as a shaman.I believe she also reaches enlightenment at the end, and passes a final test of her training.Nothing about her experiences is subtle.The mystical visions are big and bright and out of this world.In terms of story line and characters, the first book is a little more cohesive as a stand- PDFalone novel, while this one is less focused on characters and more on the visions she has. Like this book? Read online this: The New York Times Book of Medicine, 7th Sea (Seventh Sea) Player's Guide 1668 (Seventh Sea) Player's Guide 1668 (Roleplaying Game).

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