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I will embarrassingly cop to the truth that, yes, I did read Footloose. Footloose PDF EBook I should also add here, that growing up, Footloose was one of my very favorite movies (obviously this would be the Kevin Bacon version), so much so, that my sister can not even stand to have the movie mentioned, let alone watch it, since I apparently made her watch it with me so many times.

REading this book, was exactly like going through the movie (at least what I believe the new version will be).Basically, a more detailed screen play in novel form.It was not written extraordinarily well and was probably quickly thrown together to get more hype for the new movie.

Honestly, it'd take less of your time and you'd probably get a bit more out of just watching the movie than reading the book.Especially since their descriptions of the dance scenes are not great or actually that descriptive at all.It's rarely the case that I'd suggest watching the movie over reading the book, but since this book was actually done after the movie, you're not going to get any new material to flush out your characters or storylines here. Like this book? Read online this: About Time 6 (Seasons 22 to 26, the TV Movie), I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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