For Better or Worse, According to Alex. Kathryn Lamb

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Alex got a boyfriend, Mark, and got two sisters and three irritating brothers. For Better or Worse, According to Alex. Kathryn Lamb PDF EBook Alex elder sister, Daisy, announces that she's getting married to Diggory. Alex's friends thinks that it's very romantic but she is not too sure as she thinks it's scary. She is not impressed about being a bridesmaid and thinks that her taste in bridesmaid's dresses might be rather different to Daisy's and a beach in Scotland might not really be the best place for a wedding. After a few months going out with Mark, he texted Alex and asked for a break up as he is going overseas to continue his studies. WHen her firends knew aabout Alex and Mark's relationship, especially Tom(Mark's enemy) started to talk bad things to her. She felt sad and has no one to express her feeelings to.

The character who created a lasting impression is the main character, Alex. Although Alex is 16 years old, her dad, Hank, is still treating her like a small kid. She has a short hair but not quite as short as her sister, Daisy. Alex loves trying out different styles of hair and colours. She loves to chat with her friends and have fun such as going to "All- PDFNight Acid Techno Jazz Rave" with Gary and Steve. She is quite irritating because she likes to irritate her sister by turning the volume of the radio to the max. She's emotional too.

Teenagers like me, will enjoy reading this book because it is a kind of a diary entry or blog which is popular nowadaysamong the youths. The author had expressed the feelings very well. To make this book more interesting, theauthor has also added some suspense. The story creates suspense by bringing out characters' fears of the unknown. The readers will automatically tend to imagine fearful happenings and makes prediction about what will happen to the characters. Their imagination takes over as they see what is about to happen. Hence, I think that this skilful writer has successfully make her book even more exciting than a movie. Like this book? Read online this: The Night Alex Almost Flew Over Old Lady Grayson's Place, The Cinema of Kathryn Bigelow.

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