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Adopted children, teens, and adults oftentimes resist talking about adoption. Forever Fingerprints PDF EBook Adoptive parents experience a dis- PDFconnect every time they bring up the subject of adoption. If they invite their child to talk about his/her feelings about adoption, they may get answers like these: "No!" Child then turns and walks away. "Why do we have to keep talking about THAT?" Teen storms out of room. "It's just part of my history, mom." Adult changes the subject abruptly. Research shows that adoptive parents are highly invested in their children. They long more than anything for their child to receive and enjoy family life, to know that they are unconditionally loved, and that their parents are committed to seeing them thrive. It is well known in the adoption community that the number-one concern of adoptive parents is the "how and when" question about talking about adoption with their child. "She always brushes me off when I try to talk to her." "After continual defensiveness, I feel uncomfortable considering future conversations." "I wonder if my child misses her birth parents and loves them more than me." Sherrie Eldridge and Cole Puckett, present an alternative to worry and stress for adoptive parents! Through one adoptive family, seven-year-old Lucie, her mom and dad, you will gain: Insight into why adopted kids are defensive when it comes to talking adoption An out-of-the box technique that removes adoptee defenses Confidence that your child needs to talk about his adoption and birth family From pre-school to adult, adoptees and parents will love this book! Rob Williams' illustrations invite the young child to find the kitty on each page. This material is also useful for; download; Hospitals that want to employees to be "adoption sensitive" Schools that want to educate about adoption Counselors who work with adopted, foster children and families Families who want a "keepsake book" for adoption day Churches with adoption programs Like this book? Read online this: International Adoption, Wrecking Forever (The Forever Series, #.5).

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