Fractured (Fractured, #1)

PDF EBook by Holleigh James

EBook Description

Mandy’s always taking care of everyone else, and even worse, she’s expected to…

Everyone in her family is taking advantage her—a self- PDFcentered twin brother, an alcoholic and verbally abusive mother, a younger, autistic brother who depends on her, and her enabling father with a secret. Fractured (Fractured, #1) PDF EBook

Mandy never knew how unhappy she really was.

Until she met Rob, the hot “deli-god” from the supermarket…

The minute she locks gaze with his dreamy, blue eyes, she realizes that she’s been missing out on life. Even more shocking, he seems to like her too. He seems perfect in everyway, and it’s beginning to look like things might be different for once.

But it’s getting harder to hide her fractured life from him, and he’s bound to find out how messed up her life really is.

As more pieces of her life begin to fall apart, will Rob be willing to stick around?

Or will her fractured life prove to be too much for him? Like this book? Read online this: Eternal Life? Life After Death as a Medical, Philosophical & Theological Problem, Fractured Legacy (Fractured Legacy, #1).

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