Freeform Style

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Everything you need to get started, get hooked, and get your freedom groove on!Grab your needles and hooks, unleash your creativity, and join lifelong fiber artists Jonelle Raffino and Prudence Mapstone for some freedom fun! Using yummy yarns and a sensational assortment of stitches, "Freeform Style" transforms straightforward patterns into wearable works of art. Freeform Style PDF EBook

Inside, color and texture collide in a collage of yarns as 30 projects demonstrate the joys of freeform knitting and crochet - PDF from a simple scarf made magical with fancy fringe to a magnificent cape that becomes anything you want it to be. The results can be wild and jazzy or simple and elegant, but always guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.Choose from 10 patterns for garments and accessories, each presented in three skill-level variations - from simple stitches and eye-catching embellishments to 100% freeform garments.Follow along with step-by-step instructions for a fabulous variety of motifs and trims - patches, embroidery, starfish, leaves, flowers, domes, ruffles, corkscrews, zigzags and much more!Brush up on your knitting and crochet techniques with the comprehensive Basics section.Be inspired by impressive examples of the authors' freeform work.Whether you're a beginner looking to inject a little bit of whimsy and personality into your projects, or an expert itching to punch up patterns into original creations, this book will how you how to make "Freeform Style" YOUR style! Like this book? Read online this: Easy Crochet Bow Tie Patterns, Style.

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