Frenemies (Drama High, #4)

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"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer". Frenemies (Drama High, #4) PDF EBook Well what if your friends really were your enemies? What if your enemies are the ones that truly have your back? Well that's a dream world but for Jayd her friends and her enemies had it out for her. Frenemies by L.Divine is apart of a series of books titled Drama High this book deals with teenage drama, relationships,and realistic events. You could lose a friend when their head gets to big. Jayds friend Nellie dumps her old friends for some new ones when she becomes homecoming princess nothing can be more realistic than that, this could happen to anyone who has a friend that becomes more popular than them. There are different types of drama but Frenemies is all about teenage drama. Jayds boyfriend is white and now she feels like he is not committed to their relationship but yet she cheated when Rah her ex kissed her. Even if the book is about teenagers it has relationships in it and this book is no different. Jayd may be confused about who she wants but she tries them all out till she finds the right one for her. Like this book? Read online this: Best Friend's Brother #2 (Best Friend's Brother Romance Series - Book #2), H.O.W.L. High Goes Bats! (Howl High ).

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