Fresh Ice

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After the death of her husband, former champion figure skater Isabella “Izzy” Marks is left with more bills than money and more questions than anything else. Fresh Ice PDF EBook Why did her husband drain their bank accounts and put their home into foreclosure? Where did the money go? She wants the truth and she needs a hero. From the outside, it seems like former hockey bad boy Quinn Murray has a great life. But no one knows about the blackmail his boss, former figure skating great Serena Shipley Chapman holds over him. Trading sexual favors for her silence eats away at his soul until he feels dead inside. He longs for a clean start he thinks he doesn’t deserve. When their paths cross in Nashville sparks fly. Can either of them feel worthy enough for a chance at pure love? Like this book? Read online this: Love and Family During the Great Death (Great Death, #1), Fresh Seeing.

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