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Frog City Updike (the town, not the book) is an imaginary small town (population 7,996) and the setting for most of these stories. Frog City Updike PDF EBook Named for the frogs, relatively small in number and found only near a small pond in Frog City Updike Park, Frog City Updike is populated by a variety of people, some normal and some eccentric.

Like the people of Frog City Updike, their stories are eccentric, offbeat, and sometimes a little absurd. At times the author becomes a character in the guise of “Frog City Updike Arthur Graham” (you’ll find many characters and places have the moniker Frog City Updike Something). One of my favorite stories is one called "No One Drinks Tea Anymore," which is related to Frog City Updike only because it was written by Frog City Updike Arthur Graham when he was “a young idealistic college student and not the old curmudgeon his is today.” This is a sentimental love story between a teacup and a spoon. Yes, in Frog City Updike inanimate objects sometimes animate, and do have feelings.

**Originally written for "Books and Pals" book blog. May have received a free review copy. ** Like this book? Read online this: Frog in Love, Frog.

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