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“From Buddha to Jesus” is currently the second- PDFbestselling Christian book of all time in Thailand, a 95% Buddhist country. FROM BUDDHA TO JESUS PDF EBook Now you can learn the 2 most popular religions in 1 book!

Widely acclaimed by readers who grew up with Buddhism and despised by a few Western converts to Buddhism, this book is now in 7 languages. Ignore the foreigner’s perspective and get the insider’s perspective on Buddhism the way it’s actually practiced by millions of ordinary folks.

“I was a Buddhist all my life... I grew up in Sri Lanka a Buddhist country… Reading this book changed my life.”
Alyosius, Sri Lanka

"I have been a missionary in Thailand for 40 years. I read your book and was very impressed wish. I would have had it sooner."
Dorothy H., Thailand

"Your book is one of my treasured collection and I've been reading it again and again. I love it so much. It helps me to understand Buddha and Buddhism and draw bridges between the two faiths. Keep up the good work and God bless!."
Mish N.

“I am a Malaysian Chinese… I was a Buddhist. I came across your explanation about Buddhism and found that was so true!”
Sulee, Malaysia

"Steve's gentle way of sharing his insight suits the [Asian] audience very well… He has also broken some invalid preconceived ideas that Buddhists are closed to the Gospel."
Ching Wah, Singapore

My husband and I have been reading it and although I am a second generation missionary in Thailand (my dad arrived in 1946!) your book has brought new insight and clarified many things and is helping me/us immensely in relating to the Buddhists. So, Thank YOU and Thank GOD!"
Marianna & download; Erik, Thailand

"This book gave me confidence that I had a strategy! Because we can start from a place of commonality, instead of a place of 'I'm right, you're wrong'. This teaching releases people!"
Tim P., Thailand

"A well-written book with a clear and bold testimony."
Canon James Wong (Anglican Churches Singapore)

“This book has many great insights in it… I would use it for our Bible College students.”
Dr. Wayne Cordeiro (Pastor of 10,000+ member church in Hawaii; who grew up with Japanese Buddhism) Like this book? Read online this: Insider's Guide to Thailand, The Story of Jesus = LA Historia De Jesus.


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