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As far as prominent figures of the American Civil War go, James Longstreet looms large. From Manassas to Appomatox PDF EBookLongstreet was arguably Robert E. Lee's most important subordinate in the Army of Northern Virginia, and he saw action in many of the pivotal campaigns of the war, not just in the East, but also some in the Western theatre.

As General Longstreet played such an important role in the Civil War, his detailed, well- PDFresearched, and controversial memoirs play an important role in recounting the history of the Civil War.He was at the center of much of the important action of the war, and he put more than the usual effort into researching sources to supplement his own first-hand knowledge of the battles and campaigns in which he fought.Longstreet's prose is clear and readable, and he avoids the flowery language or overabundance of allusions that muddy other period writers' accounts.He makes use of orders of battle and tables of strengths of the armies, and the casualties they took, to supplement the battle narratives.The only thing missing (at least in my free Kindle e-book edition) is maps, which would help, but can be easily found through other sources.I recommend

While From Manassas to Appomattox has it's strengths and useful points, it also has some glaring weaknesses.There's a general lack of concentration on Longstreet's personal experiences through a lot of the narrative.He often describes the campaigns and battles dispassionately, and without offering much insight as to how he experienced them as the commander of the I Corps, Army of Northern Virginia.While this isn't true for all of the chapters, the quality of the narrative is very uneven.

Another issue is that this book, like all memoirs, must be taken with a grain of salt.Longstreet's recollections of events aren't always correct, and are also colored by controversies from both during the war and afterward.A good deal of time is spend on Longstreet's issues with Generals Evander Law and Lafayette McLaws, two of his subordinates with which he had some issues.There is also a lot of ink in this book dedicated to refuting charges leveled by other Confederate leaders after the war.In particular, Longstreet uses this book to parry the literary thrusts of Jubal Early and Fitzhugh Lee.

From Manassas To Appomattox is an important book, just by virtue of it's author, and as a balance to some of the other skewed memoirs written by Confederate generals.It's far from perfect, and more insight into General Longstreet's personal experiences would have been better, but it's still a decent read for a Civil War buff.If you don't already have a pretty good background of Civil War knowledge, I really recommend doing additional reading to supplement this volume, to fill in Longstreet's gaps, errors, or obfuscations. Like this book? Read online this: THE SKULL AND BONES WARS ! ( The Most Important Book Of 2012 ), I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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