From Rebellion to Revolution

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Back in high school I learned enough about Marxist economic theory and historiography to be able to produce papers which impressed my teachers. From Rebellion to Revolution PDF EBookUnlike many popular—and bourgeois—histories which focus on personalities and anecdotes threaded together of a bare chronological frame, Marxist analysis attempts to get to the concrete dynamics of events, the causes and effects.When well done it tells a story which makes sense.

Genovese—like Aptheker, Foner, C.L.R. James & download; W.E.B. DuBois and, it seems, a preponderance of other historians of slavery—was an unapologetic communist and this little book is a gem of Marxist analysis from which I, relatively unschooled in the field, learned a great deal of great relevance to the American experience.

The crux of the book, however, is the Haitian revolution, the first black revolt which was progressive in the Marxist sense of being allied to that complex of ideas and relations which accompanied the transition from feudal to capitalist economies.Other, prior revolts were, according the Genovese, primarily attempts of African- PDFborn slaves to reestablish the life-forms of home, as reflected in many of the predominantly black Maroon states and parastates.In Haiti, though, it was the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen which inspired much of the leadership much as The Declaration of Independence inspired their North American imitators.

Originating in a lecture series, this book is quite accessible.Being short, it might also serve as an exemplar of Marxist historical analysis to those interested in historiography. Like this book? Read online this: Polemics In Marxist Philosophy, Rebellion.

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