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I'm actually kind of glad that I didn't realize until after buying it that there was a new edition of this book. From Romance to Realism PDF EBook But it was interesting to get a mid- PDFnineties reflection on YA, and maybe at some point I'll take a look at the new edition and see what he's added. It's not like the history has changed, so it's just the phrases like "right now" that should be changed to "in the nineties."

What I found most interesting was the final chapter, where essentially I was dog-earing and underlining EVERYTHING. It's about the now and the future, and what's sad but interesting is that it's completely accurate nearly 20 years later. Basically, nothing has changed when it comes to lots and lots of the gatekeepers of children's and YA literature kvetching about how "the children" are being "corrupted" by all this "dark" literature and shizz.

Anyway, this is pretty great. Lots of thoughts. Lots of potential quoting in papers. Lots of "Word, bro!" and "Ooh, I must read that" and "Oh, you made that point better than I do when I say the same thing in a lot more words." Like this book? Read online this: Lots of Love, Lucinda, Unprecedented Realism.

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