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The first volume of the Pocket Encyclopaedia of Spaceflight in Colour, the enormously successful Manned Spacecraft, was mainly concerned with spacecraft up to the point of landing astronauts on the Moon. Frontiers of Space PDF EBook This second volume deals with the further steps to be taken in man's space ventures, many of which can directly benefit life on our planet. There are fascinating accounts of how orbiting observatories can help raise living standards, particularly in underdeveloped countries, by monitoring agricultural yield, controlling crop diseases, improving water conservation - PDF even guiding fishing vessels to bigger catches at sea. Further prospects range from pinpointing new deposits of minerals, gas and oil to providing advance warning of hurricanes, typhoons, floods, air pollution and forest fires.
Other chapters discuss manned space stations which offer unique advantages for science and technology; download; manned planetary exploration beyond the Moon; rocket travel on Earth which will far exceed the capability of the supersonic airliner.
Philip Bono, the American designer of launch vehicle concepts which have been patented for use in the next stages of space exploration, is co-author with Kenneth Gatland. His authority complements Kenneth Gatland's contributions to astronautics over the past twenty years. Both authors are leading advocates of the need to apply advanced technology rapidly to the needs of human welfare. Some of the engineering projects in this book may well set the pattern for space operations into the twenty-first century.
There are 80 pages of magnificent colour illustrations including space photographs, and drawingsby Jack Wood and his team of artists. Like this book? Read online this: Space Exploration, Frontiers 2.

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