Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 22 (Fullmetal Alchemist, #22)

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The battle with Pride rages on, and combined with Gluttony's powers, the first Hulonculus is stronger than before. Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 22 (Fullmetal Alchemist, #22) PDF EBook How will he be defeated? It looks as if Ed will have to trust his father...but will he?

Meanwhile, in Central, Mustang and his gang struggle against the corrupt military. They kidnap the President's wife and take her hostage, but then, just as they are surrounded at gunpoint, their enemies give the order to shoot everyone but Mustang—and 'everyone'includes the President's wife! They are rescued by...Maria Ross! She and a friend, driving crazily in a armored truck (disguised as a ice- PDFcream truck) break in to reply the rebels with new ammunition!

After the battle, (in which Pride is held back but not entirely defeated), Al is also 'held back'—he and his enemy are trapped together! Ed, his father, Lin and Lanfan, and Scar, journey underground to go "kick the crap out of that bearded guy who lives underground". They split up and Ed is paired with Scar, and Ed's reaction was really funny!! I liked that part =)
The group discovers deadly, one-eyed, flesh-eating dolls who seemingly can't die! How will the group get past them and reach the 'father'?
Meanwhile, Al gains a new power to help fight! But...will he use it?
Also...Envy gets back to her true form, with May Chang battling her and the dolls all at once!! I watched a Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood episode, in which Envy turns into her true form, and even though that tv series was made to be word-for-word similar to the manga, I still prefer Envy's true form in the manga better, even though they look almost the same....Hmmm....This volume was great and ended very dramatically, as Ed's father meets up with his vile look-alike...What will happen?!?! This volume was great because it had lots of action, which is great, and it kept me guessing the whole time!!!!

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